Basic human instinents

The basic instinents of man, as a biological species, are naturally affected by the civilisation development and general degeneration of the human race. Yet the evolutionary development did not come about ten to fifteen thousand years, when a man switched from the hunting-collectible way of life to agriculture, and from him onwards to all the following ways of life, culmining in the globalization so far, that would be the basic instinents Eradicated. For these instinents, it is widely believed that the survival of the individual, the survival of the genus, the instinct of the association, or the social and the survival of the existence is generally considered.
PUD Sexual
It is one of the instins of preservation of the genus, where besides it belongs to the care of offspring. Many people today think that this instinct is among the instinents of a more pleasant existence, and perhaps this shift in culture is happening, but the experts insist on their own. And just with sex is closely related to problems related to male erection.